Autism support throughout the UK

Beat Autism is a non profit making organisation that was created to
give much needed help and support to parents of Autistic children

If you have found our website it is probably because you really need help with your Autistic child. You can start the journey to dramatically improving the lives of your child, yourself and your family right here.

Beat Autism is a non profit making organisation that has been specifically created to help parents and carers of children on the Autistic spectrum. As far as we are aware we are the only organisation in the country that provide this service. First of all we offer a comprehensive full day workshop that is jam-packed full of all the totally essential tools and information that you will need to help steer your child through the difficult world of Autism.( We can also offer the exact same day as a home visit for those who want a more personal approach or for those who have difficulty travelling. After all, we appreciate how difficult life can be with an Autistic child).

The day starts with a hands on approach and after talking you through exactly what Autism is, we will teach you how to implement effective strategies that can make an amazing difference to the lives of you and your child. The cost of most behavioural interventions are astronomically high and will run into thousands of pounds, yet most of the strategies are all common sense and can be taught quite simply so that you can start to make an immediate impact on your child's problems, without breaking your bank. Our aim is to turn you "Autistic" which will help you understand how your child sees the world, instead of how you see the world. Because when you start looking at the world the way your child sees it, you will then be able to head off potential problems. This then enables you to apply simple strategies to control behaviour and aggression, heading off potential tantrums and allowing them to adjust and accept situations and surroundings.

The second part of the day gives all the vital information that you will need as a parent of an Autistic child to help you make the right decisions. It covers essential, unbiased information such as treatments, financial entitlements, education, help, support and a raft of other totally vital information. All the experts agree that it is essential to start with an intervention as soon as possible, yet when our son was diagnosed with Autism we wasted precious time searching for all the vital information. There was no one that could tell us what treatments were available, how to compare them or give impartial advice. Autism was a total mystery to us and we didn't have a clue where to get help and support or even what financial help we were entitled to. Beat Autism has put all this crucial information together for you and can give you genuine impartial advice to help you make the right decisions as early as possible for your child. Years of experience has enabled us to put together every scrap of relevant information and you will be truly amazed at what we can tell you and even more importantly, how our simple strategies can significantly change your life.

Our help and support doesn't stop there either. We believe that Beat Autism are the only people that offer a unique individual programme, with strategies designed exclusively for your child.

"The help, and advice and information course was invaluable. I found out things that I hadn't even started to think of. Most of all we got Daniel onto the high rate of DLA, which was something we had applied for and been rejected before. This alone paid for the cost of the course in less than a month! Thank you. We couldn't have done it without your help"

Mrs R McCulloch